Qualitative benefits of LED indoor lighting

The countless benefits

of Quantum LED lighting

for indoor plants.

Qualitative benefits.

Talking about quantum boards, there's a rich list of qualitative benefits beyond the numerical, measurable benefits. As a matter of facts, traditional HPS and CMH fixture spectrum does not correctly sustain all the cellular processes responsible for plant growth, mostly because of the lack of energy in the green/blue and hyper/far red spectrum areas.

Only Quantum One is carefully designed to suit all plant needs, filling the gaps of traditional fixtures.

Quantum One - Quantum board benefits - Flower color

Flower colors are enhanced

Blue and green light are accountable for plant colors, enabling higher antocianine production in leaves and flowers. Moreover, reduced heat generation allows for cooler room temperature, which boosts colors too in selected strains.

Quantum One - Quantum board benefits - Full Cycle

Full cycle (or agro): one lamp to rule them all

Quantum One exceptionally covers all the plant growth cycle, for both veg and flowering. In this way the plant grows at its best, lowering stress and allowing easier room management.

Quantum One - Quantum board benefits - Flexible

Flexible, ready for any use and future proof

Quantum One not only can be used for both veg and flowering, but even for clone development in vertical farming. Moreover, it's built with modularity in mind: in can be easily assembled, repared and update. In other words, Quantum One is future proof!