Quantitative benefits of LED indoor lighting

The countless benefits

of Quantum LED lighting

for indoor plants.

Quantitative benefits.

We designed Quantum One with excellence in mind. This is why we talk about high quality LEDs, and our comparisons are made with same segment competitor models only. That said, professional HPS and CMH fixtures are still behind Quantum One performance.

Quantum One does not fear comparisons.


Overall management costs reduction over time

Our technology allows a comprehensive management costs reduction, related both to maintenance and environment conditioning. Unlike traditional HPS, CMH and MH fixtures, our LEDs have almost ZERO maintenance costs.


Instant power consumption reduction

Your power bill will be immediately reduced by roughly 40%. Moreover, we estimated that a 10MQ setup saves up to 26 Tons of CO2 when compared to a similar HPS setup.


Yield improvements up to 33%

Thanks to specific wavelenghts, Quantum One delivers better performance by boosting several cellular processes within the plant. The so-called Emerson effect allows better yields and shorter cycles, increasing your annual production up to 33%.

That's it?

Absolutely not!

Quantitative benefits.

Thanks to the broader and richer spectum than HPS and CMH's, LEDs bring to us many more qualitative benefits: more colored, bigger, better buds!